Unique Love Quotes

unique love quotes

Sometimes it is difficult to express love. You might run out of words to express your feeling but don’t worry, we have created this collection of unique love quotes that will help you out.

These unique quotes about love are handpicked by our team from all over the web to create the finest collection of unique love quotes. You can share these to express your real feelings. Feelings are complicated but these quotes make em simple.

This collection includes unique love quotes for him and her so share them with your better half to make them feel happy and loved. Go on, check our collection now.

Unique Love Quotes for Him

  • For life, oxygen is important but for me your presence is important.
  • I was all alone but as you entered my life, you gave me another life.
  • Maybe it’s too early to say I love you, but I can’t keep it a secret. I’ve never felt this thrilled, and I wanted you to know that you’re the reason why.
  • You have turned me into a woman I never thought I could be. I did not ever think I would fall this deep for someone.
  • There is always something new to love about you; that’s one reason you are a wonderful teacher.
  • The supreme happiness in my life is in the conviction of knowing how much I love you.
  • Loving you is not a beginning or end; it is the path of growing together.

unique love quotes

  • Superheroes were my weakness, and then you came along. I love you from the tips of your two-toned grunge cut to the soles of your vintage high-tops. You are real; you are you, and I will always be your number one fan.
  • I don’t have eternity on earth, but I hope to do everything on earth with you.
  • I will love you until the stars go out and the tides no longer turn.
  • I love it when we cuddle and spend nights at home just as much as I love going on our adventures and crazy excursions. Any time spent with you is time spent well.
  • Love can turn us upside down, twirl us around, and make us wanting to ride it more.
  • There is nobody else I would rather spend my years with. Loving you has been the best thing to ever happen to me!
  • The euphoria I feel when I am with you, husband, is something that can neither be explained nor described but only felt with my heart.
  • I was not comfortable in talking but you made me relax with your talks.
  • I enjoy our moments together; because those daily moments reflect love like light on a lake.
  • I want my name to come to the middle of your name.
  • As I listen to love songs, all of them just remind me of yours.
  • Love is one of the few true adventures. I enjoy our adventures together.
  • Birds need wings to fly and I need you to reach skies.
  • The way we love may not be pronounced with large bells, but it still rings true through the core of me.
  • 7.5 billion people in the world and still growing. I’m happy to have met you when I did.

quotes about love

  • Your love is like a magic trick that I can’t quite figure out, but want to keep watching to be amazed.
  • Even though we’ve only been together a short time, I want to express how wonderful, handsome and amazing I think you are. I hope you feel this deep in your heart.
  • I may not be able to count on everything going to plan, but I can plan on figuring it out together with you.
  • When storm clouds gather, and the skies grow dark, I know you will be my shelter and keep me safe from harm.
  • When we first met, I knew you were special. Now, I know just how strong and compassionate a man you indeed are, and I’m grateful for every day that I spend with you.

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Unique love Quotes about Her

  • I know that I cannot stop talking with you, but unfortunately, I have to let you sleep, so goodnight, and sweet dreams. I hope they are about us.
  • As you return to school, I know just how lucky those students are; because they get to spend time with you.
  • You taught me to kiss, hug, love, and most importantly to live.
  • The pull of our love brings waves of happiness to my life.
  • There are many wonderful places to go in this world, but I can think of none more amazing than by your side.
  • You’re the only man I dream about at night and the only man I want to wake up next to in the morning.
  • One of the greatest joys in my life is making you smile.

unique love quotes for her

  • I know that I will never be alone, for even when I am alone, you are here in my heart.
  • I know we may make mistakes, but I enjoy us working on correcting them together
  • As I’m growing older, you are taking more care of me. I know the reason.
  • Nobody can make me feel as weightless and carefree as you can.
  • You have made me a more caring person, as my feelings for you are inexplicable and inexpiable.
  • No matter what happens you were always there, standing for me and with me.
  • I never worry if I am crazy or absent-minded, so long as we are together I know I’ll be fine.
  • I knew my feelings were real when I spent more time thinking about you than worrying about myself.
  • If I know what love is, it is because of you. Never leave me. I would be a pointless flame without you, and my life would lose meaning.
  • You kept me in the shadow of your love.
  • Today is a blessing, yesterday was a blessing, tomorrow is a blessing. What do these days have in common? I get to spend them with you.
  • You bring happiness and joy to my life. I can not tell you how amazing you truly are to me.
  • The greatest three words are not I love you, but rather: How are you? I want to learn more, because I love you.
  • When you say ‘Good morning’ my whole day becomes very good and beautiful.
  • I am so grateful you are my husband, and I know you are there for me. Even my soul feels peaceful when I am in your arms. I want you to know that I am forever and always here for you, too.
  • I am grateful that you have shown me your love, and I am excited to continue to show you mine.
  • When you start kissing my neck, I just can’t control anything.
  • Our love doesn’t know any walls. It busts through past conventions and shows up like the Kool-aid man.
  • Thinking of you opens my eyes, dreaming of you closes them, and being with you gives me insight into life.
  • He smiled at me the last and I came to know it’s meaning after 2 days.
  • Can we come together one night and surrender our rights and wrongs? Let each other slip into one another arms and complete ourselves with the blissful feeling of our love.

unique love lines

  • You look so beautiful in every dress, can’t choose one favorite one.
  • Many things can lead us to decisions, but I know the best decision is spending the day with you in my arms.
  • The love we share is the strongest passion, for it savages my mind, heart, and senses; leaving me stunned.
  • Our love is a mysterious bond that cannot be broken and will be ignited for eternity through all battles and struggles we may face.
  • When two people share a strong bond, the universe will always find a way to bring them together no matter what happens.
  • Since the day I have met you, I cry a little less, laugh a little harder and smile a little more. This is because I have you in my life, dear husband.

Unique Quotes about Love

  • Sometimes love is an untamed force. If we try to control it, it can destroy. But if we dance with it, it will dance back.
  • I want your love, so it is with great hope that I am lovable to you. But if not, I hope that you at least feel how lovable you are to me.
  • It is impossible for me to ever get enough of your love, just as I know I will never be able to give you enough of my love.
  • We share not just a union of bodies, but a union of our souls. That is why your happiness is my happiness.
  • If I distilled all my ambition, I am sure it would come down to loving you and being happy in all the adventures we find.
  • I wish I could use my kiss to tell you all the words in my heart.
  • Our love has this amazing power to grow with nothing more than holding each other close
  • Hate is too much of a burden to bear, so I would rather love you and a bear.
  • When you wake up, when you get ready, when you go through your day, when you come home – my heart follows you.
  • You appear in my dreams at night, so that I don’t have to worry about closing my eyes.
  • Small acts of kindness and love may be forgotten, but they make the mood and tempo of our lives together with a joyful song.
  • I may not always understand, but I will love you and cherish you.
  • The ultimate expression of the will to live is our love and the life we’ve built together.
  • My dreams include your happiness because I love you and want to see your heart shine.
  • I want to be the connoisseur of your wonderful company and our shared joy together.

love status

  • I don’t want to waste a minute with you, because our life together is precious to me.
  • Love makes us shine in ways the sun couldn’t comprehend.
  • If our love continues to grow, I wonder how much it will change our futures. It is a mighty wonder I look forward to discovering.
  • May the day include time together, and the night include time spent in each other’s dreams.
  • Choosing to be in love is not the same as falling in love. We don’t share an accidental love, but rather a deep well of shared creation.
  • On the couch, you sometimes fall asleep in my arms and I can think of no better feeling than your warmth and contentment.
  • I am amazed at the time we get to spend together; it never feels like enough.
  • The most peace if I could ever find then it should be in your hugs.
  • Spending the night watching fireworks reminds me of the spark of love you ignite inside me daily.
  • Our love is less a noun, and more a verb. It’s not a thing we have, but a doing word.
  • You are my best friend and my wonderful partner in this life.
  • I hope to always be available for your love, because it is precious to me and I don’t want to miss the opportunity.
  • I don’t think I will ever be able to give you enough love, but I find joy in my daily attempts.
  • I can’t ask anything from you because you have given me so many memories to live with it.

Life is better with you

  • No matter what I say and what I do, there is not a single moment when I don’t think of you. I really miss you.
  • The only warm feeling I can feel is by holding your hands and hugging you.
  • Our love knows no bounds. It would jump fences, break through walls, and swim moats; just to say hello.
  • I love you not because you don’t fall, but because of how you pick yourself back up.
  • Getting older doesn’t protect you from love, but building love can protect you from feeling older.
  • Kind words can create confidence. Kind thinking can be profound. But your kind giving of time creates love.
  • If you were a flower, you would have been a rose, if you were a season, you would have been springtime, and if you were a star, you would be so shiny that you would shine even the day!

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Short Unique Love Quotes

  • Yesterday may be in the past, but I know I can look at it warmly because we shared it together.
  • If I built a day, I would start with us cuddling in bed. From there, I would call it good.
  • If life is a box of cracker jacks; full of nuts and sweets, you are the prize that I always dig for.
  • Love and time must not mix, because without you feels so long; but being together with you feels so short.
  • No one can see into the future. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. So trust me when I say, tomorrow and well into the future, it will still be you and me together.
  • Our love story is the best! It is one that involves bears, cuddling, and us.
  • Seeing the impact you make on those around you always builds wonder and amazement in my eyes.
  • If I wished upon a shooting star, I would wish it to happen twice; just so we could share the experience together.
  • I sometimes watch you with love, hoping that my eyes will say the words my mouth isn’t capable of saying.
  • I know our love will travel as far as we let it, but can always be found in the space our hugging.
  • Why do I love you? Let me count the reasons: Big smile, small ego, hot body, chill moods, brilliant brain, low-key attitude, big guy, and small guys. The list goes on and on.

unique quotes on love

  • I enjoy the little things we share, and hope that we can revel in those little things for many long days.
  • It is easy to say I love you; harder to show you in deeds. I hope the words you hear the best have no sound.
  • Your love lights the darkness of the night and helps point the path towards the future.
  • To hear you and acknowledge your day is one of the best ways to say I love you, without a single word.
  • Your friend, your love, your husband; no matter the title, I am glad to be here with you.
  • There is little surprise in my heart that I love you so much; it was something that happened naturally and continues to grow.
  • I wouldn’t want to have any other lover because our bond is irreplaceable. I need you like a heart needs a beat.
  • You bring out the best in me. You make me believe in pots of gold at the end of the rainbow and flying carpets and all that is good and true in the world. You are a positive force, and I am so glad to be with you.
  • Love is a regular lesson, there is no end result. I am glad to be sharing this education with you.
  • I may not have much, but I will do my best to be generous with my attention and time.
  • Love requires daring, dare to do anything and at any time.
  • There is little surprise in my heart that I love you so much; it was something that happened naturally and continues to grow.
  • I know that the strength of our family will grow in the rich soil of our love and understanding.
  • I could never have accomplished what I have today without the love I feel from you!
  • I know you aren’t a perfect person, but I your imperfections make you unique and wonderful.
  • It isn’t gazing into your eyes, but rather us looking at a shared future that excites me.
  • I could never say how much I like you and just how special you are to me. But I can say that my world all smiles whenever I am with you. I love you a lot.
  • The joy we share requires both of us, for it would only be half as sweet with just the one.
  • The power of you and I can go anywhere we desire; because our love knows no bounds.
  • I know God has someone special for me, and there’s no need to search for him, for he has found me, and I have found him. I have loved you all my life!
  • While you teach kids at school, you teach me more things to love about you at home
  • If music is the voice of love, than I can think of no better song than saying your name.
  • I wasn’t but my heart automatically got attracted to you.
  • People won’t understand your love because they just can’t feel what you have felt in love with.
  • They say this kind of love is once in a lifetime, and I know you are the one for me. I offer you all of me today and for always. Thank you for showing me how it feels to be loved.

quotes about love

  • You lift me higher every day and yet, I can’t help but look up to how wonderful you are.
  • I wonder if you know how I truly feel and how happy my heart is when we are together? I would count the ways, but I would run out of time because I am sure one lifetime wouldn’t be enough.
  • You cannot imagine how much it hurts me that you are not here right now. I miss you as much as anything else in this world. I see all the world paintings in your own eyes because you can only paint the love in my heart.
  • Take me with you wherever you go.
  • My love for you is a boomerang, the more I send out, the more I feel coming back in.
  • The more you cry, the more I cried. More you laugh, the more I laughed. The more you love, the more I loved you.

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