Motivational Three Word Quotes

three word quotes

Words are incredible, and they can be the source of motivation, it will help you to keep your spirits high. Promising words can really change your mood and make you feel strengthened. Now the fact is you need some extra efforts from your end; however, these words can help you feel new again and give you the motivation to move on.

Apart from this, it doesn’t mean that you need a pair of thousands of words; however, you need these short three word quotes which is enough to revitalize you. No matter how upset or sad you were feeling today, these words will surely help you fight against bad times. Even if your friend feels discouraging, you can share these three words quotes with them to enlight there mood.

According to me, the words are magical which mainly helps the person to overcome specific dilemma in life. Words can stir moments of joy and happiness in someone’s eye, and that is the reason why people always said that “Think twice before you speak.” Words are like bullets coming out from Gun. It can never be taken back once you said them. Today the Lost Desire team has compiled some of the best three word quotes which you can share anytime to show your emotions.

Inspirational Three Words Quotes

Here are three word quotes to inspire you today.

1. Do it now – If you are still waiting for a perfect time, then you’re on the mistake. Just, do it right now.

2. Appreciate the moment – Ever took a minute and enjoy the moment you’re living in? If not, understand it now. It’s beautiful and will never come again in your life.

3. Be a giver – Instead of taking from others, be a giver. Let it be your wisdom, knowledge or smartness. Help others and make yourself better.

Be a Giver motivational three word quotes

4. Block out haters – Haters are everywhere. Blocking them out is the safest way to ignore them and move forward with our life goals.

5. Count your blessings – It’s normal that we all get disappointed at times. But, how often you count your blessings and feel blessed? Spare a few minutes and see how fortunate you are.

6. Against all the odds – And, sometimes against all the odds, against all facts, we still hope and we make it.

7. All is well – Life is all about surprise tests. We all are tested under different circumstances. Once, the lousy time passes by, everything turns to normal. Just whisper to yourself that all is well. Everything is going to be fine.

8. Try something new – Don’t scare to try new things in your life. Wake up and try new adventures. If something scares you, try it. If something isn’t working, try something else. Enjoy the beauty of new experiences in your life. Trust me, you’ll find every bit of it.

9. Dreams come true – People see dreams and struggle every day to achieve those dreams. It’s an indication that dreams are achievable. So, be a dreamer and hustle every day to make those dreams come true.

10. Never give up – No matter how hard life push you back, try again and never give up. If you are thrown six times, stand up for the seventh time. Don’t let your weakness defeat your strength.

never Give Up three word quotes

11. Remember to live– In the hassle of every day life, don’t forget to live your life. Set a reminder that this life is beautiful and you’ve to live it beautifully.

12. Nobody is perfect – Stop chasing perfectionism at every stage of life. Nobody is perfect! It’s alright if you make silly mistakes. It’s okay if you failed to draw a straight line. It’s okay if you aren’t best at everything.

13. Keep it cool – Keep things easy, fun and fresh. Love listening to jazz music while cooking? Cool!

14. Learn from yesterday – Things you’ve done yesterday were just mistakes you did unknowingly. Instead of blaming another couple of years, learn from those mistakes and move forward.

15. Because I can – Nobody is going to tell you over and over again. You’ve to assure it yourself that YOU CAN!

16. Pursue your passion – Let your passion sketch your career. If you’re passionate, nothing can ever stop you. Know your passion and pursue it.

17. Live for others – Don’t be selfish, live for others. The feeling of doing things for others is incomparable. When you live your life for others, you will have more inner satisfaction, happiness, and fulfillment.

Live for Others three word sayings

18. Now or never – It’s either now or never. Don’t over think as it might kill your present desires. If you’re sure about something, just do it. Don’t spend another thinking whether to make the decision or not. Friend, you’re wasting a whole year!

19. Make it happen – Don’t let fear stop you from taking action. In fact, make it happen and show it to everybody else.

20. Be obsessively grateful – There’s always something to be thankful for. Remind yourself and be grateful for things you’ve.

21. Good vibes only – Surround yourself with positive souls and positive vibes will naturally come to you.

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22. Feed your soul – Your soul is the infinite power of who you are. Make sure you feed it well.

23. You are enough – You don’t need an army of thousand men to support you. Remind, you are enough! You can do everything possible.

24. Smile. Sparkle. Shine – Let your soul smile, sparkle and shine. The smile makes you feel happy and pleasant. And, it doesn’t cost you a dime. Right?

Smile. Sparkle. Shine motivational quotes

25. Every moment matters – Stop wasting hours, days and years over arguments and unsettled decisions. Every moment in your life is priceless.

26. Keep moving forward – Obstacles hinder your way to success but always keep moving forward. Don’t let self doubts, and opinions stop you from moving forward.

27. Use your wings – Your wings already exist, and you just have to fly. Spread your wings and fly high.

28. Take the risk – As you grow older, you will wish that why didn’t you trust yourself and became a little braver? Instead of creating worst-case scenarios in your mind’s eye, take a risk.

29. Hit the goals – People act fast to set goals and become slower to hit those goals. Be a goal getter!

30. Stop underestimating yourself – You are far more physically and mentally stronger that you think. Never underestimate your ability to do things.

31. Conquer from within – If you want to conquer the world, you’ve to start from within yourself.

32. Don’t set limitations – Stop limiting your potential. Know that there’s an unlimited number of things you can do with your life.

33. Winners never quit – Quitting is never an option for champions. If you’re a winner, you don’t have to believe in quitting.

34. Success bread success – The more you experience success, the more you will be successful.

35. Never look back – You will never see great things ahead of you if you keep looking at the wrong things from past. Live, learn and never look back.

36. Focus and win – It always good to enjoy the feeling of winning. But, to achieve the winning moments, you’ve to be focused.

Focus And Win motivational sayings

37. You got this – The secret sauce of getting awesome things in your life is knowing the fact that you know what you want and believe you can get it. You will have to push yourself hard and do things you find in. Because, you know, you have reached this!

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Powerful Three Word Quotes

38. Believe in Yourself – It all starts with a BELIEVE [belief]. If you don’t believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in your dreams, how things are going to work for you. People, you admire, you believe who have changed the things, name any of them, i.e. Gandhi, Einstein, Mandela, King Jr., and Jobs. It all started when they believed in themselves. So believe in yourself.

39. Let it Go – Let it go. Leave your past behind. Everything that happened in past, was going to happen anyway. For any reason, either you were reluctant to upcoming change or it was god’s way to test your mettle. But now it’s time to let it go and live in this present moment.

40. Try Something New – Try something new. Try something bizarre, try something simple. Try something that you want to do for some time. Try something that you even don’t dare to try. Because it’s your time. And it’s time to change. 🙂

41. Change is Good – Accept the change. Because if you don’t and try to fit in your old boots. It is only going to hurt. Only when you going to accept the change, you are able to see things i.e. how beautiful they are, how people are waiting for you to open up, and the world is not that bad place to live. There are good things and good people in the world, you see them only when you want to see them. And only when you accept the change.

42. Live the Moment – But before thinking about future. First, you need to enjoy this very moment that you are living in. The most beautiful moment of your life. The moment, when you are free from all your grudges and you have accepted yourself. Just Live the moment.

Live the Moment motivational quote

43. Never Stop Dreaming – Never stop dreaming. No matter what. Because it’s your dreams that define you. It’s your dreams that complete you. It’s your dreams.

44. Go For It – This is your time. So just go for it. Go for whatever you want to be. Go for whom you want that to be. Go for everything you wished for. Simply Go for it.

45. Let it Be – Let it be. Let the things go the way they are going. Free yourself and don’t worry. Because this time, things are going to work. Because this is your time. So let it be, the way they want to be.

46. Learn From Yesterday – You know, what I mean with the above phrase. Just don’t repeat what you have done in your past. Kick the hell out of those people who tried to make you feel small. Don’t do those stupid things that you have done again and again, and especially because they want you to do those things. Don’t fall into those trap like you have in the past. This time, just believe in yourself, and make sure to use your learnings.

47. Focus. Focus. Focus. – Focus on your goal. Focus on your strength. Focus on your dream. Just focus. Because if you don’t focus now, you might miss them. And I know, you don’t want to miss them this time. So fk everything and just focus on your dreams.

48. All Odds – Just remember why are you doing this? Now say, Damn you. Damn you, Problems. You know, there will be some roadblocks in your journey. And you know what will define your journey, these roadblocks, the oddities. These odds are just there to add some

49. Never Give Up – I know it’s getting hard. Maybe it is the same point when you first broke. But this time, things are not going to repeat. This time, things are going to change. Because you are not going to give it up. Because you know, you can defy the odds, and you are defying them. So don’t you ever think of giving up, you are doing good. You are doing damn good. Never Give Up. I believe in you. They believe in you. And you know whom. So never give up.

Never Give Up three word quotes

50. I’m Possible – And even because impossible says i’m possible.

51. Passion. Strength. Fire. – This is your secret mantra. Live your passion. Work with all your strength. Keep your dreams alive.

52. Enjoy Little Moments – Success is not some kind of fruit or whatever. Success is the cumulative addition of those little moments.

53. Family is Forever – The word family says it all. The family is forever.

54. Who You Are? – And always remember, Who you are? You are special.

55. I Love You – I think I don’t need to explain this. Say these three magical words, to someone whom you love, someone whom you care the most, someone with whom, you wanna spend your life. Say it now. Say it often. Say, I love you.

Final Thoughts

All these three word quotes are so useful which helps you bring change in your life and helps you to keep your spirits high. You can share these quotes with those who were facing a harsh time in their life. It is never too late to bring a change in your life, no matter what your age is, get these quotes on paper and thus hold them close your heart.

The three words quotes which mentioned above can even help you sometimes as your mantra just in case when you apply them at the moment calls for it. You can also use these quotes as the gift, just remember to share with those who need them. Share these three word quotes on the different social media platforms.

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