romantic bae quotes for couples

Bae Quotes

Falling in love is always a heartbreaking and most amazing feeling in this world. There’s nothing like the feeling of having a special person who

King and Queen Quotes

King and Queen Quotes

Nothing is more glorious than wearing a crown of the most loyal person of the state. Do you get fascinated by the amazing yet permitting

three word quotes

Motivational Three Word Quotes

Words are incredible, and they can be the source of motivation, it will help you to keep your spirits high. Promising words can really change

powerful two word quotes

Two Word Quotes

Are you feeling hopeless or frozen? To be honest, feeling discouraged is the worst feeling in this world. Now to motivate and keep your spirits

Powerful one word quotes

One Word Quotes

You might seem a bit confusing; however, it is quite simple because we wish to talk about the only one word quotes It is very

thinking of you quotes and sayings

Thinking of You Quotes

Life turns beautiful when you are in love with the person of your dreams. The reality finally seems pleasing than a dream. What you imagine

i love you more than quotes - Hands forming a cute heart shape

I Love You More Than Quotes

Madly in Love with someone? Love plays an essential role in life. It’s a beautiful feeling which you can show in the form of words,

Image with text - happy birthday to me

Happy Birthday to Me Quotes

Excited for your birthday? No one will cherish you like and love you like you do! So, before anyone else, wish you, wish yourself a

Image about one sided love - boy proposing a girl and she doesn't care

One Sided Love Quotes

Do you love someone who doesn’t love you back? Probably it’s the most painful situation thing which could happen to anyone. Well! It happens when

Image with text related to funny sarcastic quotes

Funny Sarcastic Quotes

Ever wish to be honest without hurting someone’s feelings? Well, one perfect way to do it is through sarcasm. Sarcasm is a wry form of