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Funny Sarcastic Quotes

Ever wish to be honest without hurting someone’s feelings? Well, one perfect way to do it is through sarcasm. Sarcasm is a wry form of

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Pissed Off Quotes

Angry? Pissed off? Miffed? Many incidents happen in life which may abuse your good time or moment. It could be any person or any miss

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Fake People Quotes

There must have been many incidents where we encounter a fake person and even worse, a fake friend. The world is packed with a lot

hump day quotes

Hump Day Quotes

Undoubtedly it is the right time of the week when you need some break from your regular hectic schedule. Every Wednesday is known to be

Best happy journey quotes and wishes

Happy Journey Quotes

Excited for going on a journey? Going on a journey can be overwhelming! No matter whether you travel by boat, car, train, or plane, all

daughter in law quotes

Daughter In Law Quotes

Sharing thoughtful daughter in law quotes is found to be one of the best ways of showing your daughter in law that you care about

best missing home quotes for homesick people

Missing Home Quotes

Life is all about experiencing different chapters, building bond with others, creating the relationships and loving each other. A home is a place where happiness

Powerful one word quotes

One Word Quotes

You might seem a bit confusing; however, it is quite simple because we wish to talk about the quotes which were only one word. It

powerful two word quotes

Two Word Quotes

Are you feeling hopeless or frozen? To be honest, feeling discouraged is the worst feeling in this world. Now to motivate and keep your spirits

three word quotes

Motivational Three Word Quotes

Words are incredible, and they can be the source of motivation, it will help you to keep your spirits high. Promising words can really change